Saturday, October 3, 2009



Today we recorded a 7 inch. It took all day long but after all you can eat stir fry and pabst tall cans and lots of patience we did it. It'll be coming out later this year on Freedom School Records and we're super psyched about it.

Another thing we're psyched about: THE FEST!! the schedule is up, and as it reads on the website we'll be playing at George's at 5:20 on Sunday. (At the same time as Ampere, unfortunately.) We always have fun at The Fest and we're really pumped to play this year.

Lastly, we put a full length record out a few months ago and if you don't have a copy yet and want one the best place to get it the Salinas Records website. There are a lot of awesome records up for sale on the site so take a gander.

Thanks for reading. I swear I'll start doing this more.

-Katie/P.S. Eliot