Monday, September 19, 2011



After 4 agile years as a band, P.S. Eliot is calling it a day. I
sincerely feel that we’ve creatively accomplished everything we set
out to from the get-go and dragging it out would be brazen and
pointless. I considered P.S. Eliot “the band I always wanted to start”
but as I’ve grown and Allison has grown I’ve come to realize that
“band” has grown too. P.S. Eliot’s time as a fulfilling outlet for us
has passed so we’re ending it gracefully and moving on.

We’ll be playing the Fest in Gainesville as well as 2 shows in December in
Brooklyn. I’ll be focusing most of my time and energy on my solo project, Waxahatchee, which has a record coming out in February on Salinas Records and will be touring the US and Europe.
Allison is in the process of starting a new band as well. Endless thanks to all
those who have encouraged us. The past 4 years have been monumental for Allison and I and it's all because of this band and your support.

Our last 4 shows:

Saturday, September 24th @ Death By Audio, Brooklyn
w/ Witches, RVIVR and Nude Beach

Friday, October 28th @ The Fest 10 (the Atlantic), Gainesville
w/ Senders, O Pioneers!!, Little League and many more

Sunday, December 4th @ the Bell House, Brooklyn
w/Latterman and Nude Beach

Saturday, December 9th @ Death By Audio, Brooklyn
w/ The Two Funerals, Cat Vet and 1 more TBA


Friday, June 24, 2011


so we've neglected the shit out of this blog and this band and I think it's time to catch everyone up on what's going on with us. If you're reading this then you probably know that in April we released an LP on Salinas Records called "Sadie". It's available at and from No Idea.

Allison and I moved to New York earlier this year with the original intention of eventually calling it quits with P.S. Eliot. We've had a change of heart after the release of the record. We decided to try and do P.S. Eliot in Brooklyn and we have some exciting plans in the near future!

Firstly, we're playing a really tight show at Stolen Sleeves with our buddies in Ampere. It's July 23rd and if you live in New York you should totally try and come. It's our first show as a local New York band and hopefully there will be more to follow.

Next thing I'm psyched to tell everyone is that we have a late summer tour in the works with Big Eyes and it's gonna rule! The dates are being worked out but we'll post them all really soon.

Lastly, we're playing the Fest in Gainesville again this year! I'm pretty sure that tickets are sold out but hopefully the Fest folks will find more venues and thus sell more tickets. All that info can be found at

Anyway, that's what's new in my life. Our lives. Be cool.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

dear friends and enemies

A few announcements to the world from P.S. Eliot:

First off, I know we've been vaguely touching on the subject of a new LP for some time now. There still isn't a set in stone release date, but I can tell you that the record has been sent to be plated and we expect test pressings in the not so distant future. "Sadie" will definitely be out sometime between February and April of 2011 on Salinas Records. I think thats pretty safe to say. Marco wrote about the current state of the project at:

Our darling angel buddy Kate Wadkins is doing the artwork, which is very exciting. She's endless talented and did the art for the "Living In Squalor" 7 inch. Check out all her wonder at

On a more somber note, Will Granger has decided to leave his P.S. Eliot days behind him. He was a wonderful addition to our band for the last few years and we are sad to let him go. Our old and good buddy Chayse Porter is going to be taking his place in upcoming shows and hopefully a summer tour! Chayse plays in a rad band here in Birmingham called Dolarhyde and you should all check them out.

Lastly, Allison and my new band Bad Banana are going on tour in February/March! Check the dates @ and come see us!! We miss you East Coast/Midwestern buddies.

Much love.