Thursday, January 13, 2011

dear friends and enemies

A few announcements to the world from P.S. Eliot:

First off, I know we've been vaguely touching on the subject of a new LP for some time now. There still isn't a set in stone release date, but I can tell you that the record has been sent to be plated and we expect test pressings in the not so distant future. "Sadie" will definitely be out sometime between February and April of 2011 on Salinas Records. I think thats pretty safe to say. Marco wrote about the current state of the project at:

Our darling angel buddy Kate Wadkins is doing the artwork, which is very exciting. She's endless talented and did the art for the "Living In Squalor" 7 inch. Check out all her wonder at

On a more somber note, Will Granger has decided to leave his P.S. Eliot days behind him. He was a wonderful addition to our band for the last few years and we are sad to let him go. Our old and good buddy Chayse Porter is going to be taking his place in upcoming shows and hopefully a summer tour! Chayse plays in a rad band here in Birmingham called Dolarhyde and you should all check them out.

Lastly, Allison and my new band Bad Banana are going on tour in February/March! Check the dates @ and come see us!! We miss you East Coast/Midwestern buddies.

Much love.