Monday, September 27, 2010

Bad Banana

Katie and Allison's new project Bad Banana has a demo available for download! Go download it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Catch up


So there has been a lot going on the the world of P.S. Eliot that we've sort of neglected to post about. First of all, we had an incredible tour with Football, Etc. from Houston in July. Thanks to everyone who booked a show or cooked us food or bought a record or just came out to the shows. We had a really great summer.

Secondly, we are SOOOOO excited to announce that we just recorded our second LP. It was a really positive recording experience and we can't wait for all of you to hear it. It's called "Sadie" and it will be coming out in the fall on Salinas Records. Stay tuned.

And last but certainly not least, we are officially playing THE FEST 9 in Gainesville! Hope to see you all there. THEFESTFL.COM


Monday, July 5, 2010

summer tour 2010

We're about to embark on a 3 week giggin', cut-off wearin', beer-drinkin' buddy tour. Very very excited. We'll be out with Football, Etc. from Houston, TX. The dates are posted below. Most of the empty dates are being worked out BUT if anyone thinks they can help, do not hesitate to email us @

JULY 8th- Banks St. Bar, NEW ORLEANS, LA w/ BIG SODA
JULY 10th- 1919 Hemphill, FT. WORTH, TX w/ FOOTBALL, ETC.
JULY 12th- Crucial Funhouse, LEXINGTON, KY w/ FOOTBALL, ETC.
JULY 13th-The Moving Castle, CHICAGO, IL w/ FOOTBALL, ETC.
JULY 14th- OFF
JULY 16th- Indie Wax Records, YOUNGSTOWN, OH w/ FOOTBALL, ETC.
JULY 18th- Democracy Center, CAMBRIDGE, MA w/ FOOTBALL, ETC.
JULY 19th- The Silent Barn, RIDGEWOOD, NY w/ FOOTBALL, ETC.
JULY 20th- Ask A Punk!, NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ w/ FOOTBALL, ETC. and 1994!
JULY 21st- Charm City Art Space, BALTIMORE, MD w/ FOOTBALL, ETC.
JULY 22nd- The Camel, RICHMOND, VA w/ FOOTBALL, ETC., THE TWO FUNERALS and imadethismistake

I'll be updating this post as the TBA dates get confirmed. Psyched!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Everytime I make the overt mistake of going to the B9 messageboard (it's a car wreck) I get this overwhelming feminist-hulksmash feeling. Many times it nearly demolishes my faith in anything. I made that mistake today when I got a google alert for P.S. Eliot. I'm just going to post actual quotes from the thread and you can all tell me if I'm being melodramatic and defensive for nothing.

THREAD NAME: "girl bands with one guy member" (initial red flag that I was about to be super-offended)

ok so from here on out I'm just going to post what people said-
"dude would get mad pussy."

"You know the male member is writing all the songs."

"usually it's all dudes and one girl."

"none that matter"

"Le Tigre

Painfully fucking awful.
I thought they were all women?

haha im 99% sure the one that looks like a dude is really a chick."

"i think baby shakes had a male drummer at some point. would love to get my dick all up in the baby shakes."

"dude is so getting laid"

"this is unrelated, but it should always be the drummer."

"band practice would suck for the dude if the girls are on their period."

So that is the majority of it. Like. This isn't some Judd Apatow movie that warrant nervous laughter from me. This is a punk messageboard. The link to the thread is:

I'm not bashing Bridge9 as a label but the fact that there are kids like this who support punk music/bands makes me want to die. Just thought I should share in case any of you had any faith in most hardcore kids.

Monday, March 29, 2010

it's official

We're going on tour with our friends from Houston, TX. They're called Football, Etc. and they are awesome. The tour is going to be in July and we're going up through the midwest and down the east coast. We're really pumped!!!

Check out Football, Etc!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lyrics to "Living In Squalor" 7 inch

Ok so we released another record with no lyrics in the insert so we are posting them here now. All lyrics by Katie Crutchfield, written sometime in 2009 besides "Broken Record" which is an old song.

you're trying to relate
it's not today, it's just the way
you feel subjectively confined
i bite my tongue all the time
you slip out of our sight
you never say goodbye
and i'm not passing judgement
i'm just telling you i empathize

proverbial say, we can hear the words decay
yeah we've heard it all before
a tiger and a broken record

conquest, speed the decline
dawn of love or gemini
and i hardly believe that shit
it just helps to pass the time
you're scarcely disconnected
like the walls you're yelling through
and your brain has no real say
you'll lose faith throughout, its the pursuit
yeah, i'm just telling you i've been there too


3, 4, in the kitchen, on the floor
it's a similar routine
this stark, smitten reality
and you just laugh at me
because it's getting late
maybe we're barking up the wrong tree
it's like magnetism plays no role now
in these politics that we construe
tired efforts just to keep collected
to avoid apparitions of you
or maybe of me and you

1, 2, i get pulled right on top of you
easily intrigued departs from my peace of mind
in basements up and down the east coast
our loneliness gets intertwined
our eyelines longing to connect
our brains are restless and afraid
modest rapture spreads like a plague
we let it fluster and slowly fade

i'm gone i'll take my sense of direction
and maybe i'll stay gone forever
i'm gone i'll take my inclination
and maybe i'll stay gone forever
i'm gone i'll take my strong connections
and maybe i'll stay gone forever
i'm gone i'll take my best ideas
and maybe i'll stay gone forever

3, 4, dismissal chills me to my core
maybe i'm right, maybe fidelity is obsolete
maybe we confuse love for remission
or complacency for defeat
maybe solitude will bring you nothing but
devotion always brings despair
i see the words on the wall as the answer
the answer to a prayer
i never pray for nothing
i don't pray for anything

i've got
good reason, you know i don't really know what to say
your curious incentive, i don't know why i feel this way
i never treated you right, i never intended to change
you got that old green toboggan, fits you tight like my demission
you grandfather me in like i deserve your kind remission
i know i'm selfish, i know i'll only hurt you again

and you just submit because we're only human, baby
lets take this night by night
you submit because we're only human, baby
it's not all black and white

i've got
pleasant thought, you know i don't know how i sleep at night
charisma smothers guilt, like i could hide feeling contrite
what was i working for between a rock and a cold hardwood floor?
all these modern concepts i'll leave to your modern capacity
i know i can't help myself, let monogamy recapture me
i get accustomed, i get comfortable

i've been talking
my brain's been absent from the start
it's warm and this is new
its a plague on my withheld affection
when it gets dark
i'm lying alone
modesty tries our subversive speech
ill at ease in the same boat as you
but you feel so out of reach
and it's so dark

this buffer i've built up is growing resoundingly lax
i should learn how to look at you and you should learn how to relax

i've been thinking, this distance doesn't mean anything
there's a reason i am rapt assigned to every mile in between

i write you letters all the time
i never send them, this is supposed to ease my mind
exhaust restraint until i'm no longer inclined
dock of the bay
you won't let me stay

our excuses will always stay the same
seemingly pressing things, stimulants, playing games
all our empty exchange crammed into a frame
dock of the bay
you won't let me stay
it's not a choice it's just the slow praxis decay

black coffee, motels, unstrung energy
decisive days are becoming few and far between
your diligent remorse doesn't mean anything
these rose-colored encounters are becoming few and far between

our parents met on the backseats of datsuns
and we met on some stranger's floor last year in washington
the evolution of a desperate connection
dock of the bay
you won't let me stay
it's not a choice, its your dismal, jaded display

Sunday, March 14, 2010

crazy shit


We are on tour in Richmond and some crazy stuff has happened. We borrowed a van to take out for a week and we got about 9 hours from home before we realized the plates were expired. Hell of expired. So our very new and AWESOME friend Kyle is going to drive us in his SUV for the remainder (also the vast majority) of tour. We are really psyched that we still get to go but the situation was pretty stressful. If you come to our shows on this tour be sure to stop by the merch table and give Kyle a tip, hug, toke, cookie, highfive, etc.

The Two Funerals couldn't finish their set last night because the cops came and shut down the show. Huge bummer but we are really psyched to see them play tonight!!

Baltimore tonight at the Golden West! Starts at 10, holla.

yo check Katie's blog for a sweet mixtape download everyday this week:

Monday, March 8, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

updates from the road

If you wanna keep up with us on tour you should read Katie's blog. She'll be posting mixtapes for everyday we're out and recounting anything worth recounting.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

EDIT: tour

As it turns out we will be playing a matinee show in Louisville, Kentucky on our March tour (in lieu of Chattanooga) It'll be on March 20th at The Skull Alley! Starts at 3 pm.

We're excited!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

march mini tour

Update: We are going on a short tour in 2 weeks with our awesome buddies from Virginia The Two Funerals! It is all booked and ready to go (minus the last date, which is unofficially being booked in Chattanooga)

We aren't getting to go out for long, but it should be an awesome 8 shows! Here they are:

March 13th-The Dull House, Richmond, VA
March 14th-The Golden West, Baltimore, MD
March 15th-3rd St Co-op, Washington DC
March 16th-Lulu's, Brooklyn, NY
March 17th-Bill Jefferson's Lair, Cambridge, MA
March 18th-Ava House, Philadelphia, PA
March 19th-Legion of Doom, Columbus, OH
March 20th- TBA, Chattanooga, TN

Any questions about times, addresses, other bands, etc. can be directed to our email:


Monday, February 8, 2010


There is a lot going on in our little world these days. Firstly, we played an incredibly fun show in Athens this past weekend with Witches, Dead Dog, Little Lungs and Claire Leonard. Thank you to everyone who came, played, hung out, poured beer on us, poured beer on themselves, etc.

Secondly, we're getting ready to come up north for the weekend. Freedom School Records are so graciously putting out a 7 inch for us and it should be ready Saturday! We're playing a couple shows (with Tin Kitchen!!!) to celebrate this:

2 / 12 / 10 - Meat Town, New Brunswick, NJ w/ Tin Kitchen, Kicking Spit, Mattress
2 / 13 / 10 - The Cedar Mansion, Brooklyn, NY w/ Tin Kitchen, Forgetters, Weird Fantasy Band

the flyer:

We're pretty ready to get back in the Tri-State despite the harsh weather, so if you live in the area please come hang out! Also if you have any questions regarding the show feel free to email us.

Lastly, check out our last post about "Bruno Is Orange" It's to help us raise money to get up North this weekend!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Bruno is Orange - Digital Download


"Bruno is Orange" digital single - LFR001
Click below to donate any amount and recieve a link to download. This track was recorded in November 2008 along with the full length. Somethin somethin somethin Horray

* Important - After donation, don't forget to click on the "Return to Donation Coordinator" at the bottom of the Paypal confirmation page. This will redirect you to the download link.

If problems persist email me at


Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's a snow day in Alabama. We posted a song from our new 7 inch on myspace. It's called "Bear Named Otis". Our friend Mike at Freedom School Records is putting out the 7 inch in February and we couldn't be more excited about it. Freedom School has an awesome repertoire of releases and we are really happy he wanted to do a record with us. It's going to be called "Living In Squalor" and I think it'll be out next month some time.

We also posted a few tourdates for a short trip we're taking in March. There should be more info regarding this tour soon, but for now we just have the tentative dates. If you live in or around any of these cities we really hope to hang out with you soon.

March 13th-Richmond, VA
March 14th- Washington D.C.
March 15th-Baltimore, MD
March 16th-Brooklyn, NY
March 17th- Cambridge, MA
March 18th-Philadelphia, PA
March 19th-Columbus, OH
March 20th-Louisville, KY