Friday, February 26, 2010

march mini tour

Update: We are going on a short tour in 2 weeks with our awesome buddies from Virginia The Two Funerals! It is all booked and ready to go (minus the last date, which is unofficially being booked in Chattanooga)

We aren't getting to go out for long, but it should be an awesome 8 shows! Here they are:

March 13th-The Dull House, Richmond, VA
March 14th-The Golden West, Baltimore, MD
March 15th-3rd St Co-op, Washington DC
March 16th-Lulu's, Brooklyn, NY
March 17th-Bill Jefferson's Lair, Cambridge, MA
March 18th-Ava House, Philadelphia, PA
March 19th-Legion of Doom, Columbus, OH
March 20th- TBA, Chattanooga, TN

Any questions about times, addresses, other bands, etc. can be directed to our email:


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samuel rules said...

what time does your baltimore show start? see you there!