Sunday, March 14, 2010

crazy shit


We are on tour in Richmond and some crazy stuff has happened. We borrowed a van to take out for a week and we got about 9 hours from home before we realized the plates were expired. Hell of expired. So our very new and AWESOME friend Kyle is going to drive us in his SUV for the remainder (also the vast majority) of tour. We are really psyched that we still get to go but the situation was pretty stressful. If you come to our shows on this tour be sure to stop by the merch table and give Kyle a tip, hug, toke, cookie, highfive, etc.

The Two Funerals couldn't finish their set last night because the cops came and shut down the show. Huge bummer but we are really psyched to see them play tonight!!

Baltimore tonight at the Golden West! Starts at 10, holla.

yo check Katie's blog for a sweet mixtape download everyday this week:


Bitsy said...

the show at golden west was beyond satisfying-- can't wait to see you guys next time around.

豹紋 said...

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