Tuesday, April 22, 2008

forget ahead

because band websites are obsolete, a blog is seemingly the only way to actually talk about what's going on in the brains and lives of a band. our lyrics aren't always overtly political, and we think it's important to have an outlet to talk about those sorts of things. think of it as discretionary ventilation? yeah, that sounds about right.

so we have a demo that we made in my basement last weekend. its got 5 songs, out of about 8 that we have written. some people might think that it's a little naive of us to tour on 8 songs and a shitty van and little experience/money/etc. but i consider it kind of necessary. we have the time and we have this sort of super-zealous, enthusiastic outlook on doing a lot with what we have right now, so why not?

tour starts on may 14th, the dates are:
may 14th-baton rouge
may 15th- hang out in austin
may 16th- hang out in austin
may 17th- ft worth
may 19th- el paso
may 20th- santa fe
may 23rd- riverside, ca
may 24th- los angeles
may 27th- oklahoma city
may 28th- atlanta
may 29th- nashville

we'll all be posting everyday, keep a look out.

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