Sunday, April 27, 2008

show today

so our demos are finished and we're technically "releasing" them tonight at the blacklisted show. the recordings are rough, but that's how a demo should be, or so i hear. the lyrics are included in the package. everyone should try and swing by cave9 tonight and get one.

we're playing with blacklisted, which i am really psyched about for several reasons; playing hardcore shows always sounds like a good idea whenever a band i'm in gets asked to. blacklisted is a good band, in my opinion, doing seemingly inventive things for a scene that is steadily obtuse and/or disappointing normally. it's cool. i like it when a band takes popularity and does something worthwhile, and it seems like that's what they're doing.

also playing is trample (whom i know nothing about), legion (who are awesome), and someone else from kansas? maybe? regardless, you should come. it'll help cave9, make mike parsons happy, and you might get a p.s. eliot demo WHICH features the one and only mary stephens on recorder. just saying.



mike p. said...

thanks for playing, it was an all around great show

Anonymous said...

hey, how can i pick up yr demo tracks???